Elite Aerial Exposure Engine

$ 40.00 USD

Give your Marketing A BOOST! Our Exposure Engine includes: • Social Blast – We advertise your listing on Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin & Google My Business. • YouTube Video – We create a video version of your ENTIRE production and post it to YouTube. • E-Brochure – An E-Brochure is created for you to send to prospects directly from email. • Printable Flyer – We create and email you an Ink Friendly and Graphic Intensive printable flyer to print and distribute. • QR Code – Make sure you include your QR code in your print marketing so viewers can navigate directly to your Virtual Tour. • Lead Capture – Must be turned on at your request. Online shoppers viewing your tours are prompted with a form to fill out for more information. It works! • Elite Aerial HomeSite – We provide you with a special SEO friendly website URL that is simply PERFECT for sharing on social sites. • Hot Sheet – We will include your listing in our Hot Sheet that gets sent out via email to hundreds of local area Realtors